UCI World Cup omnium in numbers

I wrote a similar post over on http://www.trackproject.ie/news/ a few months ago on the numbers behind the podium place in a UCI class 2 international omnium. So, I thought I’d follow that up with a breakdown from the recent UCI World Cup omnium in Pruzkow, Poland that some of you may have watched on Eurosport a few weeks ago.

For those interested and to add a bit of context, I’m 65kg and one of the smaller riders in the bunch.



Scratch race

  • Duration: 7 minutes 44 seconds
  • Power: 355w average – 1113w max
  • Normalised power: 391w
  • Cadence: 117rpm average – 151rpm max
  • Result: 3rd
  • Overall: 3rd

Scratch race


Tempo race

  • Duration: 10 minutes 10 seconds
  • Power: 329w average – 1024w max
  • Normalised power: 335w
  • Cadence: 115rpm average – 144rpm max
  • Result: 11th
  • Overall: 4th

Tempo race


Elimination race

  • Duration: 6 minutes 59 seconds
  • Power: 357w average – 1099w max
  • Normalised power: 376w
  • Cadence: 117rpm average – 133rpm max
  • Result: 4th
  • Overall: 4th

Elimination race


Points race

  • Duration: 18 minutes 50 seconds
  • Power: 326w average – 959w max
  • Normalised power: 355w
  • Cadence: 116rpm average – 147rpm max
  • Overall: 8th

Points race


As it’s clear to see from the figures and graphs, each race within the omnium is very different. From the scratch – small efforts made throughout the 8 minute race, finished with a max effort. To the elimination – hard efforts made throughout the race, consistent with the elimination every second lap. Then the points – max efforts in select parts of the race where sprints have been targeted and trying to recover whilst keeping in contact with the front of the bunch. This makes training for the event tough but also gives you a wide variation of different sessions to do; ranging from zone 2/3 endurance rides on the road to flying lap work on the track.


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