TrainingPeaks – how much do you know?

Most people these days are using some kind of tool to track and plan their training. One of the most popular choices and what we use at Felix English Coaching is TrainingPeaks. But how many of the key terms used on the software do you fully understand the meaning of? This short article aims to … Continue reading TrainingPeaks – how much do you know?

More good stuff on the way

Next steps! Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to our email notifications already and also passing on your thoughts and feedback! We've listened and the next few posts will offer advice based on thoroughly researched areas that you've asked to hear about. For anyone who hasn't subscribed, pleased do and we'll keep you in the … Continue reading More good stuff on the way

Caffeine – performance booster?

Caffeine is one of the most widely known and used supplements in sport. Most people have taken a caffeine gel before the start of a time trial, swigged espressos before the start of a criterium or saved their caffeine infused energy drink for the last hour of a road race… but are we using the … Continue reading Caffeine – performance booster?

Fluid intake – under appreciated?

We’ve all been told since we were young that staying hydrated is important, but is it given enough priority in the cycling world? There are always new trends when it comes to exercise nutrition and supplementation but are we neglecting one of the simplest, easiest and cheapest routes to improving cycling performance? It’s difficult to … Continue reading Fluid intake – under appreciated?

What tyres are right for me?

A basic question but something that can be hugely important. Tyres are the only thing separating us from the tarmac so they have some important responsibility but now with hundreds of options to choose from, what do you go for to suit your needs? Felix English Coaching spoke to the rubber experts at Continental Tyres … Continue reading What tyres are right for me?