How it works

  • The process starts but you expressing your interest in Felix English Coaching via our contact page
  • Once we’ve made initial contact, I will schedule an in-depth one on one chat either face to face, over the phone or through email. This stage is to give you more information on how I work but also go through your; goals, cycling history, time restraints, health, etc
  • There is no initial sign up fee and no tie ins – just 1 month rolling plans (pay using; PayPal or bank transfer)
  • If you decide Felix English Coaching is the choice for you, I will either link your current TrainingPeaks account to my coaching account or create you a new account free of charge
  • Initially, I’ll use TrainingPeaks to establish your current fitness level and I would organise an on-road FTP zone setting test
  • From this point, I will start setting you daily training sessions via TrainingPeaks that work towards your goals and fit within your schedule
  • After you’ve completed sessions, you can upload them directly to TrainingPeaks where I’m able to view, analyse and use them to judge progress and update future training sessions
  • Different sessions suit different riders – during the first month I will be analysing each session to ensure you’re doing exactly whats best for you and your goals
  • During the year, I will send progress reports directly to you. This way you can see exactly how the training has been directly impacting your performance
  • Throughout the whole process I encourage an open dialogue – the more information I get on how you’re feeling or what you believe is working the better!

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