Are you recovering?

As often said, recovery is just as important if not more so than training. We train in order to improve performance but we don’t see the positive adaption until the body has recovered. Each training session damages the body but the recovery period isn’t easy to calculate. It varies a lot, with every athlete reacting … Continue reading Are you recovering?

Ever done a 100 hour week?

 I can safely say I haven’t even been remotely close to even half of that. Felix English Coaching rider, Rupert Robinson last week competed in the TransAlba race in Scotland which sees riders starting in Edinburgh and riding over 1000 miles completely self supported. Considering how impressive Rupert’s efforts were last week, I thought it … Continue reading Ever done a 100 hour week?

Caffeine – performance booster?

Caffeine is one of the most widely known and used supplements in sport. Most people have taken a caffeine gel before the start of a time trial, swigged espressos before the start of a criterium or saved their caffeine infused energy drink for the last hour of a road race… but are we using the … Continue reading Caffeine – performance booster?

What tyres are right for me?

A basic question but something that can be hugely important. Tyres are the only thing separating us from the tarmac so they have some important responsibility but now with hundreds of options to choose from, what do you go for to suit your needs? Felix English Coaching spoke to the rubber experts at Continental Tyres … Continue reading What tyres are right for me?

Felix English Coaching now working with sport scientist

Felix English Coaching is delighted to announce that we are now working with Charlie Heffernan. Charlie, has a bachelors degree in sports and exercise science from Exeter University and brings a wealth of new knowledge to the team. Some of his specialist areas include; Human Anatomy and KinanthropometrySports Training PhysiologyAnalytical ProceduresSports Nutrition and Metabolism Biomechanics … Continue reading Felix English Coaching now working with sport scientist