Beth Engwis, Indianapolis US

“I can’t say enough great things about Felix! I appreciate his willingness to help me optimize each training session while working around my busy work/school/life schedule. I’ve seen huge improvements in my fitness, power, and race results since day 1 of working with Felix which is a testament to his expertise and dedication to his athletes. This year I’m excited to have won multiple state track championships, several top 3’s in local criteriums, and hold my own in the men’s category every now and again. I can’t wait to continue meeting and exceeding my goals in the coming years with the help of Felix English Coaching!”

Stuart Holroyd, Valencia

“Felix has been my coach for 6 months now and this guy is fantastic. I am a very average cyclist but he has managed to get my fitness up, weight down, and power up! I couldn’t recommend him more, his nutrition advice and explanation of his methods is excellent. He’s extremely honest and is a great coach not only on the physical side but mentally as well. His experience in the pro peloton and now as part of the Irish Olympic Team means he completely understands some of the mental blocks and hurdles we all go through with our training. His communication is exceptional and is always there for advice. In conclusion, if you wish to get better on your bike, talk with Felix.“

Harry Mailer, Brighton UK

“Having worked with Felix for the last 3 months, I have seen a genuine improvement in my performance on the bike. My FTP has improved by almost 10% to 5w/kg and my endurance has been boosted significantly. With constant feedback on my own performances and tailoring the sessions to my schedule , I can’t recommend Felix enough, especially at such a competitive price.”

Andrew Esler, San Jose USA

“Since working with Felix English for a little under a year, I have seen significant changes in my power where I most needed it and in my motivation towards training and racing. I really respect his dedication to helping his athletes achieve great things.”

Mark Edlestone, Sussex UK

“I have been with Felix for a year now. During this time, I’ve seen huge gains in my FTP and endurance. Felix has been hugely motivational and is fantastic coach. Highly recommended”

Josh Ballinger, Brighton UK

‘’I’ve had a great time with Felix so far, and a great year thanks to his help, my second year racing has by far been my best, and I’ve had so many highlights it’s tough to choose, but a few would be achieving competitive results in assen, 16th at my first road national at Hillingdon and smashing pb’s and taking wins in tt’s weekly. Definitely not possible without Felix helping me out with my workload, the right sessions, my core fitness, a better understanding of what’s needed in cycling to succeed, and most of all the ins and outs of youth racing whilst having a savvy racing brain’’

Chris Bonilla, San Jose USA

“I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for Felix for what he has helped me achieve within 1 year of being coached by him. Felix has helped me improve my cycling power and also built me so I could be mentally prepared for anything. His vast racing experience and knowledge on track and road is an incredible resource, whether it’s your first time riding a bike or if you’re a professional yourself. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone looking to have a strong body and a strong mind.”